Hi, Doni-Jo! Please note the following:

The above concept has been designed to appear on the Nasdaq MarketSite digital billboard in Times Square, New York City.  The image to the left includes blank spaces where the building's windows will be appearing.  The image to the right is quite simply the pure, unaffected graphic, sans windows.  Click either image to enlarge.

We've also included an image of your 2018 Nasdaq appearance for reference (see below).

Please do not be alarmed by any window placement you feel might be blocking something important underneath. Rest assured our seasoned design experts do everything possible in order to ensure that very little goes unseen.  In other words: the entire ad was designed around the window spaces. 

Rest assured this is a private review page secretly located within your TsaHOfa.com website.  However, since it is technically still a public online zone we must kindly ask that you keep this link private in order to protect the integrity and creative assets involved in your promotional campaign.

We look forward to receiving your feedback via e-mail as soon as possible.  Deadline info has been included in the e-mail you received containing this website link.


For Reference


Above is the iconic image from your 2018 Nasdaq appearance, which was nearly one year ago!  How time flies!  We've included it here for reference so you can clearly see how the new ad concept (above) will fit into the billboard structure and display.