About Us

What is Tsa HO fa?

Tsa HO fa is a consortium of Traditional Indian Educators. Tsa HO fa offers multiple grant programs that provide academic outreach and support to American Indian children attending public schools in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. The families we serve truly represent Indian Country. We have families from all 566 federally recognized tribes. Since 1993 we have provided tutoring programs, cultural programs, workshops, resources and referrals to the Native families in this area. We also provide educational and social services support. 

With very limited funding, we are able to serve over 1,900 children within an area covering over 2,700 square miles. We are dedicated to helping children create positive Native American identities by promoting cultural awareness and sensitivity within the school system and in our community. We are committed to our children's academic excellence by providing a Kindergarten Readiness Program. Tsa HO fa also offers after school tutoring programs, high school mentoring programs, promotion of the Indian Child Welfare Act, advocacy, drug & alcohol counseling, foster placement, juvenile court assistance program, men's drum group and pow wow / ceremonial dances.

Where are you located?

Tsa HO fa is located at 1157 E Clark Ave, Suite G, Santa Maria, California. Please feel free to contact us anytime to inquire about our many services, including our celebrated pow wows.

What if I want to call or e-mail?

We would love the opportunity to communicate with you in any way you wish. Please call us at (805) 938-0868 or send an e-mail to: indianed@sbceo.org



Healing With Horses

Healing With Horses is a class designed to help move children through difficult times, and teach them life lessons using the horse to facilitate communication, emotions and respect. 

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