A Day on the Hill

A Capital Tale


What can be said about a journey like this?  It was a source of learning; of influence; of history; of futures bright and optimistic.  With Tsa HO fa at the center of it all, and Doni-Jo Minor-Munro deftly navigating its course, it is safe to say some serious groundwork was laid, and some changes are already being made.  On February 12, 2019, A Day on the Hill commenced, and would go on for three full days.  The powerful, all-important cause of Tsa HO fa found itself at the center of the happening, receiving attention from the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and countless others.  The positive press, feedback, and, most importantly, powerful message being promoted by Ms. Munro and her organization have turned many heads in 2019, and will continue to do so.  

Learning From History


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Sharing the Word


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Changing All Lives


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National impact

Opening Locked Doors

On February 14, 2019, with "A Day On the Hill" well underway, the national news cycle was hit with something major: Doni-Jo Minor-Munro was in Washington D.C. and some big changes were already being set in motion.  The timing of this story could not have been better, as it quite literally opened the doors to the lawmakers of our nation -- Senators and House Reps alike.  Now that she had the ear of the country's biggest decision-makers, Ms. Munro was not about to fall quiet.  

She raised her voice, and raised her people's profile, in a passionate quest for connection to her cause.  Determined to make the most of this confluence of perfectly timed opportunities, Ms. Munro put forth agenda items which previously existed only on a local scale.  Download the full document below.