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Important Conversations With An Important Woman

Doni-Jo Minor-Munro crossed over in a hospital bed in 2019.  She met her ancestors, felt her Creator, and they all agreed it was not time for her to go yet.  There was still far too much work to be done.  From the depths of a quadruple strain of flu, Doni-Jo clawed her way back to this plane of existence, seemingly against all odds.  Her vivid visions and unexpected introductions meant that she would never be the same again.

Within days of returning to our more familiar world, a series of prior misfortunes which had affected Doni-Jo throughout 2018's holiday season began to turn.   As if on cue, Ms. Munro received word that she had been granted the coveted, high honor of White Bison amongst her people, and would be expected to travel to Washington D.C. very suddenly, in order to take part in "A Day on the Hill", a three-day affair recognizing, celebrating, and promoting the culture and plight of the Native Americans.   This was to be her biggest break yet; a chance to take her work for children to a national level.

Amidst a whirlwind journey, with key members of her loyal Tsa HO fa team by her side, Doni-Jo embarked on a glorious physical and spiritual journey.  At death's door only weeks earlier, she was now a star of the press, her story featured on all the major news networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, and so many more.  Her name and her mission gained her access to private meetings with House Representatives and Senate members who could begin to advance her agenda in ways she'd never imagined possible.  Needless to say, it was everything she thought it would be, and more.  Ms. Munro has since returned home to her native California, but she will never be the same - and neither will Washington D.C., for that matter.  

Coming this June, we are proud to present a serial podcast program which will run for one whole year; a show set to capture this exciting snapshot in Doni-Jo Munro's life, and all that's still to come.  Given her meteoric rise, this is perhaps the only way to contain such a story.  It is certainly the only way to properly document this unprecedented account of Native American courage, smarts, and sheer determination to create a "better tomorrow" for her people's own youth.

This audio odyssey will be in the spoken interview format, where Ms. Munro will offer step-by-step updates, and details on everything going on as it develops.  She will touch on important issues of the day; agenda items being implemented, or in need of implementation; anecdotes;  stats and information only she could provide; a bit of history to round out a never-before-experienced, visionary mission; and a spontaneous unpredictability that will keep you coming back for each new episode.  And you are all invited to come along.  So stay tuned for "Tsa HO fa: Conversations with Doni-Jo Minor-Munro" debuting in June 2019.