The Management

Doni-Jo Minor-Munro, CEO/CFO of Tsa HO fa

Doni-Jo Minor-Munro, Yuchi tribal member is a Traditional Spiritual Healer who currently serves as Director of Urban Indian Education in Santa Barbara Tri-County area California. In addition to Tsa HO fa, Ms. Munro is also the CEO/CFO of Our Children Are Sacred, Inc. She attended the Oregon College of Education and is an advocate of urban Indian rights and native children advocate. Ms. Munro believes in traditional Indian services. Amongst some of the services is a traditional Native American Pre-K through 12th school, healing ceremonies, ICWA family support, "Healing with Horses" and Native Veterans sweat lodge programs. She is affiliated with UNIC, USET and the National Indian Education Association (NIEA). One of her favorite quotes is "The Creator hears us when we pray in our native tongue. Pray always and serve with humbleness."

She was recently honored by the prestigious White Bison organization. This unique distinction is testament to her tireless efforts as a champion of American Indian youth and culture. Ms. Munro believes in traditional Indian services including: Native American Pre-K through 12th grade school, healing ceremonies, ICWA family support, "Healing with Horses," and Native Veterans sweat lodge programs. She is affiliated with UNIC, USET and the National Indian Education Association (NIEA).

As a White Bison Master Facilitator, Ms. Munro recently attended "A Day On The Hill" in Washington D.C., which is actually a three-day event where Ms. Munro and other influential Native Americans were able to make even greater strides for their people. Having the undivided attention of many of America's leaders and lawmakers has finally given Ms. Munro the opportunity to advance her position to the point where she'll be able to facilitate programs nationwide. 

"This allows us to teach people how to do what we do," says Ms. Munro, adding, "The programs allow for us to help our people in a very positive way. I can facilitate big changes with these programs, and reach so many more kids." She aims to continue advancing her youth programs and education agenda with the support of the House of Representatives and Senate, where she was invited to speak during her recent stay at our nation's capital.  

Doni-Jo Minor-Munro's Tsa HO fa organization also received some significant exposure as part of a special billboard campaign in Times Square, New York City; they were featured on the Thomson Reuters building, and the iconic Nasdaq MarketSite tower. Ms. Munro's upcoming, extensive interview series will debut in multiple installments on the Tsa HO fa website throughout 2019. Additionally, this initial program has been chosen for development into a serial podcast program entitled, "Tsa HO fa: Conversations with Doni-Jo Minor-Munro", which is set to debut soon. 

Promotional Plans


Tsa HO fa's Footprint in the Global Nonprofit Marketplace

Doni-Jo Munro-Munro was single handedly responsible for catapulting her organizations into the spotlight through carefully placed and planned advertisements depicting the message and themes of Tsa HO fa to a global audience.  The first step in accomplishing this was a tremendous, extensive foray into Times Square in Manhattan, New York, where Tsa HO fa's footprint grew exponentially. This information (seen above) was featured simultaneously on no less than 11 separate billboards working in tandem to create a unified, powerful promotional image capturing the spirit and plight of Tsa HO fa, Our Children Are Sacred, The Yuchi Creek people, and so much more.  

This coming November (2018), Tsa HO fa will enjoy a comparatively large press release campaign including an exclusive interview with Ms. Munro herself. This shall serve as an opportunity to enlighten individuals everywhere with regard to the plight, pride and plans of Ms. Munro and her many, many causes; her endless array of positive contributions to the American Indian Community - with particular attention paid to the culture's youth.

One month later, in December, another, unprecedented promotion will take place in the form of Tsa HO fa's appearance on Times Square's unparalleled NASDAQ Tower. If you've seen the exposure this prominent structure provides, then you can imagine the wonderful things that will follow in 2019.  What is the purpose of this advertising you ask? It's twofold: (1) Tsa HO fa Community Center & Our Children Are Sacred, Inc. are establishing their market presence in today's crowded nonprofit landscape, thereby strengthening name recognition as well as community pride; (2) These organization are being put front and center, where interested benefactors may contribute financially to the beautiful and worthy causes Doni-Jo Minor-Munro lives to create and serve.